Apps On Your Phone: The Little Known Way To Make a Decent Income With Apps

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'I was worried that it will be super hard to launch my own app, but it’s actually a lot easier than any other e-commerce business model. A step by step guidance from Cornel and his team. Honestly… I would never have thought that people are going to use my app on their phones. That day has come :)'

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What is the App Formula Masterclass?

The App Formula Masterclass is an educational online programme that helps you launch your own profitable app. It teaches you from coming up with an idea all the way to marketing the app, to make sure it generates revenue for you. It is not just another video course that overpromises or that leaves you with even more questions than when you started out. Our aim is to help a beginner reach success in the app business WITHOUT ANY CODING KNOWLEDGE OR WITHOUT ANY INVESTMENT. No additional cost will be needed!

 1.-Secret Boom Formula: How to achieve great results with low budget
 2.-App Psychology 101: understanding how your target market thinks
 3.-No-code Blackbox: How to create an app without coding knowledge
 4.-App Formula: step by step guide on coming up with an app idea
 5.-Formula Secrets: Marketing aspects of the app business
 6.- $ 10,000 Blueprint: How to achieve $10,000 with the app in the shortest time

With this course, you will get access to more than 5 years of experience in developing and making apps successful. The strategies and ideas that you will learn about are all battle tested and have brought in real results. Also, if you still have questions after taking the course or you just need a mentor to guide you on your journey then look no further as you will get all the support to reach your first $1.000, $10.000 or even $100.000 from your app.

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There is no success without execution . . .

I am Cornel Herold and I am 19 years old. With the App Formula Masterclass I will give you a backstage pass to one of the most exciting fields of our lifetime. I will show you how you can build apps that WILL generate the income you are looking for. I have built dozens of apps and most of them failed until I discovered the APP FORMULA system that I have built myself. I reached a point where I want to teach others and give back to people, so they don't have to go through all the stress that I went through. 

With my course, I will hold your hand and help you reach your first $1000, then possibly $100,000 then even $1,000,000 with your app and the best part is, that you will not need any coding knowledge. 

Right now, you might think it's all hearsay, but your time has come to visualise and then execute on your dreams. With my help it will be easier to reach your goals as you get your own personal mentor helping you and motivating you to succeed.

Almost everyone who has ever succeeded in the app business is using this same formula!

There is no other course that teaches you how you can succeed with your app from zero all the way to hero. There are hundreds of videos claiming that they have the perfect formula to succeed, but can they actually show results?

I have created a formula that has made me a successful entrepreneur and generated me thousands of dollars in revenue in just 2 years. And now i want to share this with you. While most people don't care about the results of their students, I am here to tell you that YOUR SUCCESS IS MY SUCCESS so let's make it happen together. 

I started this business when I started high school, because I knew that I did not want to go to college, because it would waste 4 years of my life. I worked for two years until I was able to generate enough cash from my apps and through helping people succeed. 

I basically had no money and I could not afford the quality of life I really wanted. Now I can honestly say that I have achieved financial freedom. 
We all know what Flappy bird is. But do you know how much revenue it generated for its creator?

It was so successful that it was making an estimated $50 000 a day just from the ads.

Flappy Birds made around $320 million in total for its creator.
The Yo app is really something that shows you how a
simple app could make you millions!

Yo allows users to record themselves saying the word “Yo” and then send it to friends on which they can only reply “Yo” back…

The Yo app was created in only 8 hours and has made an estimated $2.5 Million in total.

Ifart, the app that makes fart sounds when you press a button. 

Users can choose from a selection of fart sounds or record their own.

Sounds super silly, I know. But the stats speak for themselves:

IFart was making $10.000 a day in 2008 and has made an estimated $2 Million in total.
There are 3 main categories in-app revenues. I’m going to break them down in a few sentences just so you can get the hang of it
  • Paid For: the best known revenue stream where people buy your app through Appstore and Google Play.
  • In-App Purchases: when you have an app that you are offering for free, but inside your app, you have different options that people can pay for. It can be either a subscription model like Netflix and Spotify where they pay the same amount every month. Or buying different kind of add-ons or premiums like on Tinder where you can see who likes your profile for an extra fee.
  • Advertising: You can place or display ads inside your app in many different ways, but the point is that you get money for showing ads to your users. For example gaming apps tend to use a lot of advertising and they do it in a way that users can benefit from watching the ad. Let’s say in Candy Crush you get and extra chance to keep on playing by watching a video. This way people are more likely to “enjoy” the ads, thus making you more profits.


One day I created a list with all of my dreams:

  Reach financial freedom where I don't have to work for food or shelter
  Help my family get out of the 9-5 rat race
  Travel the World and become a citizen of the World
  Make money from anywhere in the World
  Become the star of my life
  Make $1,000,000 by the age of 20
I shared all the dreams that I had when I was 16 years old and these dreams motivated me to get where I am right now. NOW it's your turn. What are your dreams?

Don't just read this, but write it down on a piece of paper. Make sure to save it, so in a year or two you will be able to look back at it and tell yourself that you have beat the system. One of the best feelings I have ever felt. 

I decided at an early age that the typical 9-5 was not for me and I bet that if you are reading this, it is definitely not for you either. I am a proof that no matter how old you are, you can become financially free.


After writing down my dreams on a piece of paper it took me about a year to start making money from my apps. I created dozens of apps anything from games to product management apps, but none of them seemed to work. Until I realised that all of my failures taught me one great lesson:


I have failed dozens of times to the point where I had $1.70 in my bank account. I never asked for money from my parents so I knew that it was only ME who can save ME. I started hustling day and night until people started realising my apps successes so they wanted to learn from me. I read tons of books, learned from other people, watched Youtube videos and much more to learn everything about the app business. I studied how apps like UBER and AIRBNB make money and how they have become so successful. 

It came to the point where I was reading and learning for 13 hours a day! Everyday I kept telling myself:

"Cornel you have one life and you are destined to become the person of your dreams . . ."

I was determined to succeed and to never give up. I erased failure from my dictionary so that impossible became **I'M POSSIBLE.** 

After putting in the work and repeating this sentence thousands of times I started believing and making progress.

Since then I have never looked back and failure is still not part of my dictionary!

Here's What I Can Promise You . .

No matter if you are 15 or 65 years old, if you are from Africa or the United States, anyone can make money and I am here to guide you through the jungles of success so that you can reach all of the dreams you have written on that piece of paper.

No matter if:

- You are young or old
- You have no coding skills, as you will not need it
- You have an established idea or not
- You do not know anything about business or app development
- You only have 1-2 hours each day
With the App Formula Masterclass you will be able to start your business in just a few days and if you are very motivated and determined then it is only up to you when you will make your first $10,000 with your app. 

Here's Exactly What You Get As A Member Of The App Formula Masterclass


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Chapter Mindmaps - You'll get mindmaps for each section to accelerate your learning
Idea Generator Booklet - Ideas on what apps to build and how to generate money with it
The Maze of Digital Marketing - Basics of digital marketing that you need to succeed
Business Strategies Blueprint - Build business around your app  to maximize the revenue
Analytics Master Booklet - most important metrics and tools that you MUST use
Case Study Secrets - Discover how the most successful apps started and how they got there

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 Proven Process

I have used this same formula to build 5 very successful apps and have taught hundreds of students to reach their full potential with the same proven methods. You will get the step-by-step instructions to create an app that you are passionate about and then generate passive income from it as well. If you follow these steps, there is no way you will not suceed.

2 years experience

I have been creating and running apps for the past 2 years and I believe that I have discovered and learned all of the necessary things that anyone would need to succeed in this business. I will provide you with all of the tools and help for you to succeed and reach your first $100,000.

Easy Blueprint

I structured the course so that everyone will understand every single step and will not have any difficulties with creating an app that will propel them to financial freedom. The course builds up from idea generation to market research and all the way to actually creating your app. You will have all the guidance and help you need so all you have to concentrate on is your mindset. 


No matter how good the App Formula Masterclass is, you will need help and guidance. For this, my mentors will be ready for your questions 24/7 so that all of your specific questions will get answered. You will also get access to me through my personal email address.


FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need coding knowledge to start an app?

No! You don’t need to have any experience in coding or programming. I teach you how you can create a successful app without any coding knowledge.

How much money do I need at the start?

At the beginning you will only need money for the program where I teach how to start out without spending thousands of dollars on paid advertising. You can choose from different packages, depending on your needs and preferences.

How many weeks does it take to make money?

This program is not a “get rich quick” scheme or an overnight success story. You will need around 3-4 weeks to make your app live and start making profits.

What kind of equipment do I need?

If you can read this question, then you have everything you need. An internet and a mobile phone. Laptop or computer is a plus.

How will I get access to the course?

After you have purchased the course, we will send you an email with all the content you signed up for. Also, you will get all the help you need to become successful from day one. 

From a scale 1-10 how hard is this business model?

It is a good question, I would say it’s somewhere between 4-5. To give you a guideline, dropshipping or any other e-commerce business is around 6-7. As I mentioned before, you don’t need any previous experience in coding or programming. Almost anyone can be successful at this, it is all down to passion and motivation.

Is there an age limit to start out with this business?

There is no age restriction. If you are under 18, the only thing you will need is either not to be dependent on your parents or have their permission. 

How long is the course and what guidance is provided?

The course is around 4-5 hours long. Everything you need to know to have a successful app is provided in our content. Choose one which fits you the most. For more details, check out our website or the highlights on Instagram.

Why should I start with App Formula Masterclass instead of any other e-commerce business?

E-commerce has become way too saturated during the past few years. Everyone is trying out with Dropshipping, Amazon FBA, etc. and sadly 90% of people fail. Try App development instead. It is something that should be recognised by a lot of people. The success rate is beyond 90%! Check my testimonials and results highlights for proof on Instagram.

How much time do I need to invest a day to become successful?

As you might have guessed, it depends. When I started, I spent 10 hours every day because I had to watch tutorials, read books and see what works and what doesn’t. You now skip this step because of me. You will learn in weeks, what I have learnt in 5 years. The time you will have to invest depends on the type of app you will create, but on average, daily 1-2 hours will be enough. 

Does it matter where I live?

No. You can do this business model from anywhere in the World.
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